How often should I deliver Sprints?

There is no set rule for how often Sprints should be delivered. Teachers need to decide the best use of instructional time for their students. Some teachers deliver Sprints daily. Others do so two or three times per week.

Regardless, teachers who choose to use Sprints should consider the ramifications of not doing so regularly. The most effective Sprint routines consist of clear expectations and tight transitions. Thus, it is very challenging to maximize the tool’s effectiveness if teachers and students aren’t familiar with the routine.

As a classroom teacher with 55-minute instructional periods, I delivered Sprints every day of the school year. This included assessment days, as well as the first and last days of school. Although this worked well for my students in a particular time and place, I can’t be sure that the same would hold true for all teachers and students in every school. However, as a math coach, I’ve found that teachers who deliver the routine well tend to receive student complaints on days that Sprints aren’t part of math class.