Upcoming Workshops

EngageNY, Eureka Math Grade Level Studies in Los Angeles


July 8: First Grade

July 9: Second Grade

July 10: Third Grade

July 11: Fourth Grade

July 12: 5th Grade

*Workshop site TBD

**Check back for more details on March 1

***The products and services of The Davidson Group are not affiliated with, endorsed, authorized, or approved by GREAT MINDS, Eureka Math curricula.

  • Participate in a lesson demonstration.

  • Practice fluency & problem solving.

  • Study topics that cover the first half of the school year.

  • Address pacing challenges.

  • Practice the lesson planning process.

Tools & Practices Workshops in Los Angeles


July 15: Fluency & Problem Solving Tools to Deliver the Curriculum

July 16: Bar/Tape Diagramming Workshop

July 17: Precision Teaching: An Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Elementary Mathematics

July 28: Building a Sustainable Singapore Math Program

*Workshop site TBD

**Check back for more details on March 1

Singapore Math® Grade Level Workshops in Los Angeles


July 22: First Grade

July 23: Second Grade

July 24: Third Grade

July 24: Kindergarten

July 25: Fourth Grade

July 26: 5th Grade

*Workshop site TBD

**Check back for more details on March 1

*** The third grade & kindergarten workshops will run concurrently. Bill Davidson will facilitate the third grade session and Lacy Endo-Peery will lead the kindergarten workshop.

  • Learn 8 Shared Strategies of Successful Singapore Math programs.

  • Participate in lesson demonstrations.

  • Learn fluency methods for building number sense.

  • Study topics using a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to understand the grade level’s longitudinal coherence.